Gunpoint Review

Ah, gunpoint. I bought this game when it was on sale on Steam a few weeks back, and not once have I had any regrets.

The game starts you off as Richard Conway, freelance spy, jumping out of a building and falling flat on your face, instantly teaching you that ‘you can take a fall’. So, some woman in the building calls you up to her office, and on your way up there, you can see that she gets killed and thrown out the window by some coated stranger. You’re caught on tape on your way up there, and the rest of the game will be you trying to clear your name, armed with the Bullfrog Hypertrousers and a Wire Jack.

Throughout the game you will meet different characters who all have a surprising amount of personality for the type of game this presents itself as. The dialogue options are awesome, even though they usually won’t change much.

The gameplay is simple in theory, but quite complex, especially if you don’t know exactly what to do. You basically have the Bullfrog Hypertrousers, which you can use to jump extremely high and never take fall damage, and the wire jack, which will allow you to rewire systems using the same wiring. You can purchase a couple of other gadgets and ‘upgrades’ as well, but they are your main items. You’re also able to pounce on enemies and cling to walls and ceilings using the Hyperpants to assist you in your missions.

In the game you will have to make choices on how you use these items. Do you pounce on an enemy, or just try to not be seen? If you do pounce him, do you knock him out, leaving a witness, or do you kill him? Do you go in through the window, the door or the roof? Overall, the amount of sound you make, the witnesses you leave behind, the time you take, how violent you are, and the person giving you assignment will be what decide your mission score.

Now, there are a few downsides to the game. First of all, it just doesn’t feel long enough. Yeah, there’s the mission editor, but it’s not as satisfying as the main missions, at least in my case. There are also a few glitches. For example, I once found myself throwing myself at a wall, somehow phasing through it, and then being stuck on the other side, as there was no way of opening the door.

My final verdict would be a.. 9/10. It’s a great, but short, game. I would definitely recommend it.

REVIEW: Cookie Clicker

Alright, time for my first review. We’ll start off with a recent internet hit; Cookie Clicker!


Cookie Clicker is a cookie-based clickathon which quickly evolves into what is essentially a text-based idle RPG. It was created 08/08/2013, with very simple features. Since then there have been several updates including a huge update on 24/08/2013 which changed the layout, and added several new features, and with more updates coming soon.

So, starting off in Cookie Clicker, you have a giant cookie to your left, a large, empty screen in the middle, and several buttons on the rightmost side. You start off by clicking the cookie. Along the way, you will be able to purchase Cursors, Grandmas, Farms, Alchemy Labs and even Time Machines to aid you in your quest to world domination.. with cookies.. There are also several upgrades that will boost the production of each of these.

Now, this may not seem horribly exciting. And you’d be WRONG! It’s actually extremely action packed! It is also extremely addictive, because it’s so easy to do. You just have it up in a tab, earn cookies, buy upgrades, maybe organize your things in a certain pattern, or create the biggest army of grandmas you possibly can. You may strive to earn all of the upgrades (or, when available, achievements), or to have the largest amount of cursors you can manage surrounding your clicky-cookie.

There really is something for everyone in this actionpacked, timetravelling, cookiemining thrill of a game. If you haven’t, give it a try.

7/10 - “Too addictive”